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Our Fabrics

From the beginning, COCOWILLOW has championed the use of eco-friendly materials. As we diversify our product offerings, we're dedicated to collaborating with our artisans to responsibly source sustainable materials. Our goal is to curate collections that prioritise transparency while remaining quintessentially COCOWILLOW.


Linen has been at the core of COCOWILLOW. collections since inception. As a durable, long-lasting natural fibre that biodegrades, linen continues to be a staple in our collections for its wearability and low impact on our planet. 


Also know as Ramie Fabric, is a type of natural material made from the stalks of the Boehmeria nivea plant, a member of the nettle family. The texture of Rami is known for its smoothness and has a slight sheen, giving it an elegant and luxurious look. Similar to linen, but with fantastic breathability, allowing air to circulate and wear cool in warm weather. 


Our denim is crafted with Good Earth Cotton® and FibreTrace® technology that allows us to track every stage of a garments’ journey through the supply chain. 


100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & OEKO -TEX Standard 100, Double-sided Towelling.



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